V16, eagleton

Weekend home and recreational residential unit in Eagleton Golf Resort, Bidadi

This weekend home set in the outskirts of Bangalore is an upcoming residential building, aimed at providing the client a home that's ideal for their recreation, and which is an extension of their hobbies, values and interests.
Conscious about the use of natural materials and keeping construction practices and building systems optimal and efficient, this project marks Studio Sorted's foray into practicing sustainable building techniques.
project details
Site dimensions: 75' x 100'
Built up area: 4200 sft
Location: Bidadi, Karnataka
Status: WIP
Architects: Netra Ajjampur, Murtaza Dhilawala, Rahul Chandrashekar, Abhishek Durani, Supreeth Suresh
the site

Situated in a gated community on the outskirts of Bangalore, the orthogonal site faces its front to the North east direction. With four teak trees at its back and two big neem trees in the front, the site provides opportunity to create liberal front and backyard spaces.

diagramming & sketches
visualisation & moodboarding
massing explorations

A plan scheme with a network of courtyards, balconies and enclosed atria, the massing models play an important role in our understanding of how the plans position themselves in 3D and in the context of the site.
Options 'H' and Option 'K'

process models

After choosing to move ahead with Option 'H', we move to the detailed 1:100 scale exploration stage. Here is where we understand and brainstorm the architectural design in deeper detail-materials, structure, construction details, elevation design and much more.

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