fully sorted

A showcase of sorts: Multidisciplinary exhibition in Chandigarh

Fully Sorted is a multidisciplinary (obviously) showcase, bringing together talented artists, designers innovators all under one roof. The event is aimed at bringing people from different backgrounds and professional expertise together in a fun evening of art and creative dialogue, and giving the people of the city a chance to interact with the city's cremé-de-la-cremé.
The first edition of a ‘showcase of sorts’, Fully Sorted was the perfect way to end the year 2021, by bringing together the best of our very own city-Chandigarh. An evening filled with art, music and good people, Fully Sorted was an evening to remember.
Curation & Creative direction: Netra Ajjampur, Abhishek Durani
Graphic design, Illustration: Tanmay Acharya, Ritam Mukherjee
Venue Partners: Kakuna-Chandigarh
Exhibitors: Saksham Verma, Shabad Sarin, Avirat Sundra, Yashika Kalra, SOS Streetwear, Ankit Kapoor, Ankita Manuja, Fatehjang Singh, Ramit Bhargava, Manya Sinha, Karan Munjal, Sushant Sharma (SushiSurge), Shaurya Vir Singh, Tanya Saggi, DO/NO Studio, Meko Studio, Shriya Kansal
Music: St. Edible & Friends
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