sector sorted

Space transformation workshop at the annual Meraki festival of MCM DAV college, Chandigarh

#spatial art
We were invited by MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh to create a curated contemporary art ‘zone’ called ‘SECTOR SORTED’.
All the objects painted here were from the scrapyard or kindly given to us by IMI Film Academy, Chandigarh.
This is the second time we conducted a workshop like this, using reused materials and the ‘Sorted Colours’. The 'Sorted Colours' that we dearly love, remains an essential part of our studio's branding and nothing beats the feeling of seeing these colours come to life at so many different scales and forms!
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani, Netra Ajjampur
Participants: Rakshita, Ananya, Somil, Chelsea, Shriya, Nandini, Harleen, Muskaan, Smriti, Gunjan
Sponsors & Car credits: IMI Film Academy, Chandigarh
Organiser: Meraki, MCM DAV
sector sorted poster
the space and the people
sector sorted dustbin and tyres set upsector sorted close upsector sorted side view with TV set up
behind the scenes
the team
Photography: Avirat Sundra
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