shubhakara courtyard

Mixed use apartment complex

front facade
building and coconut tree
A mixed-use apartment structure in a densely residential area in Jayanagar, Shubhakara Courtyard is a seamless integration of offices on the ground and third floor with residential units in between.
The key feature of the design program is that it provides for spacious, well lit, humane homes and offices, while accommodating the existing trees, and also maximising the floor areas for rental profitability.
Architects: Netra Ajjampur, Murtaza Dhilawala, Abhishek Durani
Intern architects: Aman Jain, Abhinav Jayanti
Contractors: Scube Homes
Structural design: Saimagineering
Photography: Karthik VG, Supreeth LS, Murtaza Dhilawala
project details
Built-up area: 4900 sft
Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore
Status: Completed
the concept
Bangalore's 20th century houses are transforming themselves into monolithic rental apartments, and we were tasked with a similar, tricky program requirement.
On a 40' x 70' site with five existing trees, the program was to design two spacious offices and four 2-3 BHK residences.
Stepping away from the standards of dingy basements, badly lit spaces and impractical common areas in apartment buildings, Shubhakara Courtyard boasts of a grand threshold to the indoor spaces through spacious parking areas, and a well lit, green courtyard, formed around the existing coconut and butterfruit tree. These spaces then lead up to the residences on the upper floors, where a coconut tree makes its way through the house, marking its precedence in site-history!
attention to detail
coconut tree from courtyard
View of courtyard from residence
courtyard light
courtyard light
plant courtyard
accidental window
staircase through courtyard
the residential spaces
Being wedged between buildings on all its sides, the project presented us with the need for architectural intervention to ensure that residences are well lit, well ventilated and simply a joy to live in. Featuring 2-3 spacious balconies per house, ample windows and informal seating spaces, each home at Shubhakara courtyard presents a wholesome, human experience for its occupants.
window to balcony
balcony legde
coconut tree in balcony
window facing courtyard
courtyard facing balcony
corner balcony exterior
window light
house help at niche
corner window
Living room
the details
Built with optimum cost considerations, architectural details and customisations had to be kept to a bare minimum. Most details in the construction of Shubhakara are nuanced versions of cost effective practices that construction teams are familiar with, and are efficient in executing.
ground floor plan
Detail of junction
first floor plan
Second floor plan
Section DD
section EE
Section FF
Section CC
Section AA
Section BB
terrace office space
terrace stairs
terrace parapet
terrace office
terrace office inside
terrace office kitchen
Photography:, Smritim Dutta
Concept renders: VTV Architects
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