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We're a team of passionate people striving to create the very best. Team Sorted is always looking to collaborate or work with like-minded individuals across disciplines.

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Open Positions at Studio Sorted
Interior Designer
1st February onwards

1 full-time vacancy for professionals with 2 years of experience in retail and residential interior design, to own the interior and brand experience style of Studio Sorted. The role would involve collaboration with brand strategists and architects to manifest branding elements into spatial elements.  

Role entails:
- Spatial concept building
- Working with branding & architecture teams
- Lighting curation
- Strong sense of materiality and interior scale detailing
- Client interaction
Brand Designer
Starting March 1st 2024

1 full-time vacancy for professionals with experience in building, visual identities for brands. As a strategy focused branding and design agency, we are looking for someone who can own the studio's visual style and persona. The candidate needs to be a leader who can guide the team's design efforts and manage respective client expecations.

Role entails:
- Strong sense of composition
- Prior experience in branding
- Knack for curating colour in visual design
- Portfolio building and representation
- Pitch presentations and deck making
- Education: Design / visual communication
Brand Strategist
Immediate requirement

1 full-time vacancy for professionals with experience in building and developing Sorted's clients' differentiation strategy. As a process heavy, design-first branding agency, we are looking for a leader who can guide the creative team's efforts through exceptional creative ideation and a penchant for brand research.

Role entails:
- Creative thinking & campaign building
- Prior experience in brand strategy, or brand management roles
- Remarkable storytelling style & skills
- Proficiency in copy & content writing as brand strategy tools
- Education: Design / visual communication / brand marketing
Account Manager
Immediate requirement

1 full-time vacancy for professionals with excellent management and communication skills that are relevant to design teams. In a process heavy design studio, we are looking for a manager who can coordinate the team's efforts and ensure optimum efficiency, and clear communication with clients, prospects and other stakeholders.

Role entails:
- Design process timeline management
- Business inquiry communication
- Calendar and task management
- Effective oral and written communication (English)
- Knowledge of excel and database management tools
- Documentation and maintenance of project archives
- Educational background in design
Please note:
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email, so make sure you fill out the right email ID here.

We appreciate every application we receive but are unable to respond to each applicant. If you don't hear from us, feel free to re-submit your application through our form or reach out at We kindly request no follow-up phone calls, and will not be able to share any updates via phone or DMs.

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