studio sorted

Studio Sorted is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Bangalore, India, founded in 2017 by Netra Ajjampur & Abhishek Durani. Both alumni of the School of Architecture, CEPT University, Netra & Durani have past work experience in India, Mexico & United States across a variety of design disciplines.
Team Sorted is a group of architects, communication designers, writers, illustrators, musicians and cinematographers, who are quick to grab all and any opportunity to create magic through their tools and ideas.

Studio Sorted broadly functions through its two verticals-Architecture and Visual Design. The architecture wing is lead by the pillar of Sorted-Netra, and the multidisciplinary visual design wing, by our multidisciplinary man-Durani.
founders Netra and Durani with Mango
Sorted's architecture team specialises in various scales, shapes and sizes of spatial design-residential, interior design, renovation, retail, product/furniture design and spatial art.

The visual design team specialises in honest and brief-oriented communication design including Branding/Visual Identity, Packaging, UI/UX, installations, film & animation and photography.

Together, Team Sorted's two wings work hand in hand to solve any given design problem-Architecture, Visual design and everything in between.
Team sorted at work
Finishing touches illustration
Over the past years Studio Sorted has worked on over 100 projects across a variety of scales and clients across India and internationally.

Through collaborations and new relationships with like minded people, we are always on the lookout for the unknown. 

Walk into our little world, situated in JP Nagar 2nd Phase, soon to be named as Sorted Nagar (wink*) and be greeted by our Chief Happiness Officer-Mango, our adorable golden retriever.  
Team sorted on the terrace


Mango picture
Chief Happiness Officer
Netra Ajjampur
netra ajjampur
Co-Founder, Principal Architect
Head of operations
Abhishek Durani
abhishek durani
Co-Founder, Principal Designer
Creative direction
Murtaza Dhilawala
murtaza dhilawala
Associate Architect
Rahul Chandrashekar
rahul chandrashekar
Tanmay Acharya
tanmay acharya
Senior designer, illustrator
sreeram kayanadath
UI & UX lead, Motion designer
karthik vg
Architect & UX designer