A sorted balloon animal
A multidisciplinary
design studio for Architecture and Visual Design

architecture & visual design

what we do

Sorted architecture
Residential, retail, interior design, landscape, weekend homes, spatial art
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Sorted branding
visual design
Branding, illustration, packaging, UI and UX, film & animation, photography
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Sorted curation
fully sorted (Curation)
Curated self-initiated passion projects

OUR work

(Some of)
our clients


Sorted meet and greet
meet & greet
Something good has got to come out of meeting us. Let's meet!
Sorted concept
concept development
Spirits high, imagination even higher. This is where your vision meets creativity.
Sorted strategy
roadmap & Strategy
Planning, calendars, budgets, numbers, collaborations-All Sorted.
Sorted execution
Sweat, blood, tears or screen-hours, anything to bring your vision to fruition
Sorted finishing
Just the right amount of the Sorted magic, sprinkled to perfection