Design for better.
Studio Sorted is a creative powerhouse.
We help brands create bold, transformative and immersive experiences for their audiences.

Theka themed popcorn boxes
TONI&GUY reception desk
newspaper drinks menu at float brewery
We take our fun seriously.
As a design-first agency, we believe playful and candid design can transform how we experience the world, and in turn make our increasingly divided world a kinder, happier place.
We're good at a lot of things,
but we're great at these three.


We begin by understanding your brand's vision and business goals. Through propriety brand strategy workshops, user study and market analysis, we create a roadmap that guides us to an effective, and pragmatic design process.


Embracing the power of play and backed by brand strategy, we craft experiences that resonate deeply with your audience. We're fast to fail and relentless in iterating towards the perfect output.


We take great care in bringing together the perfect team of specialists. Quality, punctuality, and trust define our approach, and this is where our design ideas are brought to fruition.
Brief building, Brand strategy, Storytelling
Branding, Built architecture, System design
Creative direction, Collaboration, Execution
End-to-End is the perfect beginning.

Know more about our multidisciplinary team of brand strategists, designers, architects and free thinkers, and the expertise they bring to the table.
Transformative Brands. Transformative experiences.
Better for business. Better for the world.
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We believe your home is your life’s journal,
and we build it page by page. Explore residences crafted by Studio Sorted's architects.
The place and space where our hearts speak the loudest. 'Fully Sorted' comprises of self-initiated passion projects curated and conceptualised by Studio Sorted.