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Home-made pickle and snacks brand based in North India

Branding, Visual Identity, Illustration, Packaging
Year: 2020
The process of pickle making in India is not merely a tradition but an art form in itself. &Pickles is a family-owned pickle company that boasts of their preservative-free, ‘made with love’ pickles.
A homegrown brand rooted in the heart of Punjab, born in the early 1930s, products of &Pickles are the artistic culmination of spices and freshly sourced ingredients blended with finesse and love. The flavours and aroma bring back the nostalgia of digging into the classic brown and white martabans meticulously arranged in the kitchens by the elder women of the house.
We based our branding and choice of colours on the rich heritage of punjab and its picklemaking.
Our custom logo typeface captures all the jazz that goes into the lenghty and artful process behind home-made pickles and savoury snacks.
andpickles logo variations animated gifandpickles font description gif
andpickles packaging mockup photo
andpickles pickles eaten with a parathamathri packaging backside with illustration
To better understand how things are done at &Pickles, we got in a conversation with them and learnt that every step has always been a family affair. In fact, even the scene is deliberately set in their living room, where the clamour of gossip or the playing children can be witnessed in its brightest spirit.

While working on their signature illustration, we chose to use a minimal, classic, black and white, Mario-Miranda inspired style of graphics that delicately captures the art that pickle making is. The illustration here, encapsulates exactly that- a vibrant family, laughing and living with pickles!
An interesting challenge in this exercise was to include the four generations of the Sundra's household that have passed down the practice over the years.
Every character, although paused in the moment is almost animate, in their expressions, motion and dynamics in the bustling setting of the Sundra household.
PS. Kudos to our ex-intern @tiafafloof on doing a fabulous job on this illustration!
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Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
Graphic design & Illustration: Ali Zaidi, Tanmay Acharya, Ritam Mukherjee, Tia Nagaraj
Copywriting: Netra Ajjampur, Amisha Bonia
Project management: Netra Ajjampur

Photography: Ayush Prashar
Follow: @and.pickles
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