Dr. Odin

Visual design and shoots for a healthcare brand

Illustration, Concept cinematography
Site: 55' x 100'
Built up: 2400 sft
Location: Halaguru, KA
Status: In construction
Year: 2020
Dr Odin is a healthcare brand that promotes the use of home healthcare products which keep you informed and on track. Since ensuring good health ought to be everyone's business, we tried to capture the importance of conscious healthy living and everything that comes with it!

Website Illustration

Healthy living is not merely restricted to physical fitness, it is also about keeping yourself mentally and emotionally fit. This is why, for our illustration, we've picked up scenes of community living featuring healthy, happy people thriving in an overall fulfilling lifestyle.

for Dr. Odin

Packaging seen on regular pharmaceutical labels tend to use repetitive shades common in the medical industry that look rather depressing. To complement the brand's idea of ensuring general wellness among people, we made use of more natural, happy and bright colours that help in building a sense of happiness and contentment while buying a Dr. Odin product.

Concept shoot
for Dr. Odin

Dr. Odin is a healthcare brand that promotes conscious living and a healthy lifestyle.
Here's a look at our concept photoshoot for the brand, where we portrayed the use of healthcare devices in everyday situations, like the breakfast table and the work desk, to convey the idea of keeping our health in check as part of our daily life.
Some posters for the brand, highlighting the importance of these everyday healthcare instruments
Concept & Art Direction: Abhishek Durani, Tia Nagaraj, Rhea Mehta, Ishita Poddar, Netra Ajjampur, Abhiroop Roy
Visual Design: Abhishek Durani, Ishita Poddar, Nikhil Narayanan
Tia Nagaraj, Netra Ajjampur
3D visuals: Abhiroop Roy, NIkhil Narayanan
Photography: Smritim Dutta
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