An innovative invoicing app designed for freelancers

UI Design, UX Design, Visual Identity, App Design
Year: 2022
A platform for creative professionals who work with brands to drive media consumption. Its motive is to build a financial ecosystem for creators.
An invoicing app that lets freelancers get their invoices paid in less than 24 hours.
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The challenge
Creative professionals & freelancers often have trouble in receiving their paychecks on time. They need a system to keep
a check on their pending payments so that they can concentrate on the upcoming projects.

The idea behind Fangel was born out of the need for millennials, freelancers, and digital entrepreneurs to handle their finances, take control of their cash flow, and grow their network professionally. With the rise of remote work and flexible or hybrid work models, the need for a tool like Fangel has become more pressing than ever before. This is why Fangel is the need of the hour for freelancers who want to keep a freelance-only professional career and explore non-traditional career paths.
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Grid System
fangel grid systemfangel UI grid system
The Brand language
Fangel's minimalistic design language and green colour palette, inspired by folded paper and an envelope, reflect the brand's values of being lighting fast and cost-effective, and representing the future of technology. The logo, with its simple yet elegant design, embodies Fangel's mission of providing a smooth and easy payment experience for its users.
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fangel problem statement infographic
Fangel is an app that is easy, seamless, time and cost-effective, and seems as professional as possible. It is a tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way freelancers and digital entrepreneurs handle their finances. With Fangel, getting paid has never been easier, and it is definitely worth exploring for anyone looking to streamline their payment transactions.

Fangel's innovative platform supports the future of technology and provides a cost-effective solution for managing finances. Startups and entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the industry can draw inspiration from Fangel's professional, future-oriented brand language and approach.
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UI/UX design: Sreeram Kayanadath
Brand identity: Sreeram K, Abhishek Durani
Illustrations: Tanmay Acharya
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