Fi Youtube

Animated explainer videos

Animation, Illustration, Production
Site: 55' x 100'
Built up: 2400 sft
Location: Halaguru, KA
Status: In construction
Year: 2022
A series of explainer videos for Fi, a 'neobank'.
Fi is a financial app that comes with an in-built savings account. Emboldened by cutting edge tech, Fi helps you know your money, grow your money and organise your funds.
Done in collaboration with
Fi onboarding
A simple guide to opening a zero balance bank account, with no hidden fees
Is Fi a bank?
A video to elaborate on all the features of the Fi.Money neobank account.
Fi transparency
A video to transparently elaborate on all types of charges on a Fi account.
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani, Smritim Dutta
Graphic design & Illustration: Tanmay Acharya, Saniya Ahmed
Editors: Kanishkar Vellingiri, Harikrishna Kunnath
Voiceover: Taniya Nambiar
Project management: Netra Ajjampur
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