Resort at Glade One, Gujarat

Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Strategy
Year: 2023
Amidst the delicately contoured green hues of the Glade One Estate, there exists an experience, a place and an escape - MYSA. Centrally located with unrestricted views of the golf course, this elegant resort offers incomparable hospitality and unparalleled luxury.

Studio Sorted is responsible for the resort's branding, visual identity and cohesive visual language across the property.
The Context
Only 40 minutes from Ahmedabad, our carefully curated dining experiences, spa therapies, swimming and golf take centre stage. To put it simply, Mysa represents a haven of luxury and sophistication accessibility situated perfectly in the midst of the haven that is Glade One Estate, where guests are immersed in unparalleled elegance and exceptional hospitality. From the enchanting surroundings of the golf course to the relaxing spa, fine dining restaurents carefully curated amenities, Mysa aims to create a memorable and fulfilling experience for every visitor.

Come and discover the harmonious blend of nature, golfing excellence, and warm hospitality at Mysa – the perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious getaway where everyone is welcome but only a few can reach.
Mysa: The Brand
Everything about Mysa is more than what you look at.

Their logo, a bird soaring and cruising mid-flight, is a constant reminder for us as an institution and for our guests that Mysa is more than a place you visit once every year as a tradition. Mysa represents high aspirations freedom, it represents elegance, it represents flight aspiration and it represents that sometimes you have to soar above fly higher than you are willing to in order to look at the bigger picture. It represents a lot of things but it promises one important thing - when you fly higher and look at that bigger picture from that height, there comes a smile on your face that yells “worth it”
Resort Collaterals
MYSA's branding is thoughtfully designed to adapt to all shapes and sizes, seamlessly integrating into various elements throughout the property, including:
Wayfinding: The distinctive branding helps guests navigate the resort effortlessly.
In-Room Accessories: From pillowcases to upholstery, MYSA's logo elevates in-room amenities.
Signages: Signages adorned with MYSA's branding leave a memorable impression.
Staff Uniforms: The cohesive visual language extends to staff uniforms, enhancing professionalism.
Everyday Items: Even paper towels and coasters are adorned with MYSA's elegant branding.
With its harmonious blend of nature, golfing excellence, and warm hospitality, MYSA offers an exquisite and memorable getaway. Situated perfectly within Glade One Estate, this elegant resort welcomes all with open arms, promising an experience that goes beyond mere tradition. Discover MYSA's world of aspirations and elegance and revel in a luxury escape like no other.
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
Graphic design & Illustration: Sreeram K, Tanmay Acharya
Copywriting: Jeet Moolya
Design management: Netra Ajjampur
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