tahiti restaurant interiors with logo on top

Tahiti: Culinary Rooftop

Branding for a Mediterranean rooftop bar and kitchen

Branding, Visual Identity
Year: 2023
Taste the triumph of Mediterranean cuisine at Tahiti-a rooftop bar and kitchen opening soon in Panchkula. The carefully curated menu features classic and contemporary mediterranean delicacies, paired with an extensive wine and cocktail list.
Our eclectic branding and identity reflect the elegance and sophistication of our cuisine. Tahiti is set to be an experience of the best of Mediterranean culinary artistry in Tri-City.
tahiti logo mark and typeface
Building the identity
Tahiti's branding embodies a visual identity that harmonises minimalistic, eclectic, and classic elements, evoking the warmth and rustic charm of the Mediterranean. With a clean and understated design aesthetic, we create an inviting ambiance that transports guests to sun-drenched landscapes and vibrant streets. Through a fusion of diverse patterns, textures, and earthy tones, our visual identity captures the essence of the region's rich cultural heritage. This captivating blend of simplicity and vibrancy forms the foundation of our branding, crafting a unique atmosphere that celebrates the Mediterranean culinary experience.
tahiti concept note and tone of voicetahiti typeface gridtahiti logo marktahiti Mediterranean vibe
Illustrated harmony
Our hand-drawn illustrations pay homage to the authentic Mediterranean experience, beautifully juxtaposed with the sharp and refined language of our logo.
Tahiti dishes illustrationstahiti food illustrationstahiti illustration on fresh tomatoestahiti spaghetti illustration
Social media collaterals
The social media language designed for Tahiti has incorporated the vibrant photography of a beautiful scenic rooftpo and the hand-drawn illustrations that capture the essence of the true Mediterranean.
Tahiti social mediatahiti instagram posts
Packaging and collaterals
We meticulously designed our packaging and printed collaterals to seamlessly align with the distinctive branding of Tahiti. From the menu and table mats to butter paper, take-away container prints, and stickers, every element exudes the essence of our rooftop bar and Mediterranean kitchen. Embracing the minimalistic, eclectic, and classic aesthetics, the design harmoniously combines earthy tones, captivating patterns, and clean lines. Each piece becomes a visual extension of our brand, elevating the dining experience and ensuring that every touchpoint reflects the enchanting atmosphere of Tahiti.
tahiti food menuTahiti food menu
Tahiti drink menu optionstahiti table mattahiti napkins and menutahiti take away box packagingtahiti pizza boxtahiti coastersbread on top of tahiti butter paper
Experience the Taste of Triumph
To the victor belong the spoils, or so the saying goes. And at Tahiti, the victor feels at home.

Relish in authentic Mediterranean flavours that will transport you to blue coastlines where your celebration awaits. Drink the finest cocktails curated by world-class mixologists. As you dance the night away, take in the greatest rooftop views of the city all around you.

Enjoy every second because the glory is yours. Don’t victors deserve the best, after all?
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
Graphic design & Illustration: Tanmay Acharya, Kirti Bhardwaj, Sreeram K
Copywriting: Diya Philipose
Photography: Dhruv Bacchan and Suhani Bacchan

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