Urbankhet superman flying over the market


Illustrations and animations for an Agri-tech startup

Animation Illustration, Storytelling
Year: 2021
UrbanKHET, is an agri-tech startup that not only brings fresh crops closer to urban homes, but also emancipates farmers by giving them better earning opportunities. Studio Sorted created a series of illustrated and animated graphics for Urbankhet's media usage.
How Urbankhet works?
Grocery shopping is often one of those tasks that we tend to avoid simply because of the chaos it puts us in. From market monopolies, extensive food wastage, to being absolutely clueless about the right quantity to purchase-we've picked up every single aspect of the anxiety driven experience in this detailed illustration!
@urbankhet eases your shopping experience by bringing fresh fruits and vegetables straight to your doorstep. For this very reason, we've portrayed UrbanKhet as nothing less than a super hero, who brings you all that you might need- fresh out of the khet!
urbankhet farmer flying over the confused marketillustration zoom inillustration zoom inillustration zoom inillustration zoom in
Urbankhet customer happy with his fresh veggiesurbankhet delivery straight outta khet
Animated campaign video
In testing times like the COVID-19 pandemic, when our farmers were struggling to sell their produce in the open market, UrbanKhet bridged the gap between farmers and consumers with their hygienic, no-contact and easy processes that brought consumers fresh fruits and vegetables right to their doorstep.
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
Graphic design & Illustration: Ritam Mukherjee, Ishita Poddar, Tanmay Acharya
Design management: Netra Ajjampur
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