Ticket to mars

VAHDAM® India’s first ever NFT-An intergalactic tea experience with Elon musk

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about the nft
In their endeavour to take tea to outer space, we worked on VAHDAM® India’s first ever NFT- An intergalactic tea experience with Elon musk!
'Ticket to Mars' is an exclusive virtual token that will take you on a one-of-its-kind expedition, while you sip your favourite brews amidst magnificent views. A mark on Mars is the next big thing for us and we’re not leaving you behind. Pack your bags, it’s time to launch!
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Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
Illustration and visual design: Ritam Mukherjee, Tanmay Acharya
Animation: Addayta Biswas, Ritam Mukherjee
NFT specialist: Avirat Sundra
Design management: Netra Ajjampur
animated video
explorations & character design
Vahdam processVahdam processVahdam processVahdam process
Vahdam processVahdam processVahdam processVahdam processVahdam process
Check out the NFT on opensea.io
Vahdam NFT on opensea