Xperimentor (WIP)

UI design for a guided online school experience

UI design, illustration
Year: 2023
Online learning experience platform designed to provide pedagogy-driven and technology-enabled solutions for experiential learning of science, targeted at school going children and educators.
User interface and experience design
Our design process for Xperimentor involved a user-centric approach that prioritized customer feedback and usability. We started by analyzing user needs and identifying pain points in the existing interfaces and products available. We then created wireframes and prototypes to test and iterate our design ideas. Our design strategy involved creating an intuitive and engaging interface, optimizing site functionality, and enhancing brand engagement. We incorporated visual elements and illustrations that reflected the brand's values of excellence, care, and education. Through rigorous user testing and customer feedback, we were able to create a user-friendly platform that caters to the needs of all users. Our project helped to elevate Xperimentor's user experience, making it a go-to platform for effective online learning.
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The future of science education at your fingertips
Science for all, all for Science.
Chasing Xperimentor's vision, the design of this product started with understanding how children think and how they use tools. At Xperimentor, every component designed and content written goes through rigorous prototyping, iterations and testing to ensure that a child, irrespective of their skill levels, should be able to understand the instructions and comprehend the subject. The entire product is tested with various groups of children before it reaches the market!
xperimentors learning cycle
UI design: Abhishek Durani, Sreeram K, Gnyandev Patel
UX design: Desavous
Descriptions: Xperimentor
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