Website and Interface design for a tech product

Website design, Visual Identity, Animation, UX design
Year: 2020
Epitome.ai is a powerful AI-First platform helps millions of freshers & job seekers to build an outstanding profile, upskill and land their dream careers with ease. As designers on board, we were tasked with the UI and UX of their website and product dashboards as well as setting up a visual language for the brand.
Product explainer video
A detailed animated video describing the features of epitome.ai
Website & dashboard design
In an attempt to stand apart from the common trend of pop-colour, pointy, quirky, and often overwhelming visual styles of tech product platforms on the web, we decided to set up a visual language that is more comfortable to navigate, use and experience.
Using vintage, classic style fonts, soft organic vector style graphics and earthy colours, we invoked a nostalgic sense from the retro gaming times.
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
UI and UX design: Kavya Rajeev, Sanidhya Tulasinandan, Sreeram Kayanadath
Visual and motion design: Ishita Poddar, Abhiroop Roy
Voiceover: Mihir Raina
Project management: Netra Ajjampur
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