Animated explainer video to communicate Frendy's business model

Animation, Storyboarding, Illustration
Year: 2021
Aimed at potential partners, the explainer video is targetted at communicating the business model of Frendy's product. The video narrative revolves around a simple woman named Kavita, who comes from a small town in Gujarat, India. The video walks you through Kavita's journey of becoming self-reliant and confident by becoming a Frendy Partner, and how she, as a 'homepreneur', is creating a positive impact on her community as well as her household.
Process and storyboarding
Animation and storyboarding: Tanmay Acharya, Ishita Poddar, Pallavi Kapoor
Creative Direction: Netra Ajjampur, Abhishek Durani
Voiceover: Yamini Devpura
Hindi Script:
Shobha Chittaranjan
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