India Bike Week

India's biggest bike festival, at Goa

Branding, Visual Identity
Year: 2022
Festival identity design for India Bike Week '22 at their homeground-Vagator, Goa in association with Petronas Sprinta. In November 2022, IBW was back in all its glory after the COVID years. With audiences from across the country, we designed for the identity of IBW to resonate with the mood of the racers and bike enthusiasts.
India Bike Week The Mud RushIndia Bike Week The Mud Rush
A Celebration of Biking and Adventure
The India Bike Week festival is one of the largest motorcycle festivals in Asia, which celebrates the culture of biking and brings together biking enthusiasts from all over the world. Held in Vagator, Goa, in association with Petronas Sprinta, the festival took place in November 2022 and was a much-awaited event after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond the excitement of stunt shows, live music performances, panel discussions, and the latest biking gear, the India Bike Week festival was a celebration of the intangible qualities that make biking culture so unique and thrilling. The festival evoked the sense of community and camaraderie that exists among biking enthusiasts, creating a sense of belonging and connectedness that was palpable throughout the event. The festival's location in Goa, a destination known for its adventure sports and beach activities, added to the excitement and energy of the event.
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The Design
The festival's design and visual identity, created by Studio Sorted, were designed to capture the spirit of biking culture and the thrill of adventure. The festival's branding and promotional campaign included custom illustrations, graphics, and animated assets that celebrated the free-spiritedness, spontaneity, and vigour of the sport, resonating with the festival's target audience and creating a memorable experience.

The visual identity of the festival was centered around the concept of "Ignition," which represented the idea of sparking the passion and excitement of biking enthusiasts. The design featured bold and dynamic graphics, a stylised illustration style with a colour palette inspired by values of ignition and endless energy.

The festival's immersive design, combined with the energy and passion of the bikers, created an emotional experience that was unforgettable. The festival's camping area allowed bikers to spend the night in the company of fellow biking enthusiasts, adding to the festival's sense of community and adventure.
India Bike Week roadside hoardings
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The India Bike Week festival 2022 was a resounding success, capturing the essence of biking culture and celebrating the spirit of adventure and excitement. The festival's design and visual identity, combined with its location and timing, made it a must-attend event for biking enthusiasts from across the country, evoking a sense of belonging and connectedness that was truly special.

Did you attend India Bike Week 2022? We hope you had a great time celebrating biking and adventure in Goa, and hope you enjoyed our design for the festival just as much!
India Bike Week The Mud RushOn the way to India Bike WeekOn the way to India Bike WeekOn the way to India Bike WeekIndia Bike Week The Mud Rush
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
Graphic design & Illustration: Tanmay Acharya, Sreeram K, Nikhil Narayanan
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