Make your Own Ganesha

The Joy of making during the Ganesh Chathurthi festivities

Visual Identity, Illustration, Packaging, cinematography, Campaign curation
Year: 2020
#MakeYourOwnGanesha was an initiative by Clay Station, Bangalore aimed at bringing the 'joy of making' to the comforts and safety of your own home, during the festive season of 'Ganesh Chathurthi'. We at Studio Sorted took up the art direction, put together the packaging and its design, and handled the social media campaign for their very unique product, here to bring joy to this festival of togetherness.  
Product packaging design
In 2020 due the the pandemic, celebrating Ganesha Habba became a challenge. Rising to the occasion,@claystationbangalore put together a DIY eco friendly, naturally sourced and completely sustainable kit for Ganesh Habba, to make your Ganesha idol with your very own hands, in the company of your loved ones.

The kit came in 2 variations, which involved smartly placed packaging, a detailed illustrated instruction manual and a detailed step-by-step video for a fulfilling experience. #MakeYourOwn Ganesha required packaging that was grand yet homely. We wanted to mimic the grandiose of taking a bottle of scotch out of its packaging and the feeling it evokes. The larger box meant for the mould version of this kit, was inspired by the experience of opening a box of your newly bought shoes. We left the cardboard packaging raw, simple and exposed, keeping it similar to the terracotta clay and the ease of using the kit.

Kudos to @nkhlnmwt for the raw, candid illustrations of the face of this campaign.
Visual design & Illustration
One of the most interesting part of this project was the illustrated instruction manual for both, the Mould and Handuilding Kit. Our goal was to make it self explanatory and easy to understand. We fit the layout in 3 vertical folds and one bottom fold. Along with the curated text, we made the manual a bit illustration heavy, beautifully executed by @nkhlnmwt .

Similar to his usual style, we decided to keep the illustrations raw and simple, made using a thick brush stroke. We made the manual wrap around the cylindrical shape of the clay, and added folds to make it easier to pull out as the first thing when you open the box. Sroll to see the drawings with measurements and more details.
The tonality of the photography and videography of this campaign was created to visually bring about the feeling of working with natural clay through the tempo, setting, colours, and vibe of the creatives. @smritimdutta did a wonderful job with the cinematography and sound while choosing to shoot this video at ClayStation’s warm, and cozy studio.
The Campaign
The season of festivities has finally arrived, with it comes the joy of togetherness, celebration and the joy of making. We're bringing this joy to your home.
Our Hand build version comes with naturally sourced terracotta clay that is good for the Earth & the ocean.
You can transform this clay into
#YourOwnGanesha, and add your own colours & imagination to it. Shape it, craft it, decorate it by yourself or with your family.
There's also a beautifully handcrafted instruction manual that will take you through every step you'll need to follow in making Your Own Ganesha. In addition to that you get access to exclusive instruction video for more ease.
You'll also get clay tools that will help your imagination come to life.
Whatever you make out of this clay, you can make it stay. This clay is completely reusable, and transformable in any way you want.

Making Your Own Ganesha is now easier too. Our exclusive
Mould Box version gives you the chance to bring your own Ganesha to the perfect shape with the help of its naturally sourced 100% terracotta Clay Mould. Our kits provide you with a hand crafted illustrated _step-by-step guide, that will take you through each step of crafting your own Ganesha. The kit also contains access to an exclusive video which showcases the process of crafting & creating #YourOwnGanesha.

The clay mould & the clay is eco-friendly and can be re-used in any way you want. Make it yourself or with your family for the perfect experience & the joy of making. We also provide extra clay, if you'd like to share your mould with your friends!
Creative direction & strategy: Abhishek Durani
Design management: Netra Ajjampur
Illustration: Nikhil Nimawat
Cinematography: Smritim Dutta
Copywriting & campaign strategy: Devargh Mukherjee, Aishwarya
Paid ad specialist: Amey Shinde
Design intern: Madhvik Nemani
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