Recreate the Magic

Ad campaign for MG's centenary celebrations

AI Design, Image generation, Ad campaign
Year: 2023
As MG evolves over time, its commitment to disruption and non-conformity remains unwavering. Studio Sorted designed and curated one such recent campaign, "Recreate the Magic," which reimagined MG's classic vintage ads in today’s context, using AI and digital tools.
The brief
MG's centenary celebrations were commemorated by a forward-looking campaign that harnessed the capabilities of Al generative models to breathe new life into some of their iconic vintage ads. Studio Sorted collaborated with MG to curate this campaign, and by harnessing Al tools like Midjourney, Photoshop generative fill, and, we crafted a collection of images that bring life to MG's beloved classic ads, in today's context.
The Campaign
MG is well known for creating magic with its futuristic style and rebellious attitude. While the brand and its products have evolved, the unwavering commitment to disruption, non- conformity, and carving its own path remains intact. This campaign was testimony to exactly that.

The campaign blended design with ai, to recreate MG's iconic vintage ads. Each detail, from tire rims to lighting, was meticulously addressed through numerous ai generations, and endless edits to reach that perfect sweet spot. This AI-aided design process added a fascinating complexity, intertwining the essence of tradition and technology, in a successful campaign.
Pushing the limits of creativity, with a little help from AI!
A creative campaign involving journalists
In addition to a refreshed rendition of vintage ads, the campaign also featured vintage car models from the 80s and 90s, in company of some of India's renowned journalists. Teaming up with these journalists elegantly dressed in regal British attire, we blended the worlds of automobiles and journalism through our Al generation process, creating a never seen before blend of Al, artistry and nostalgia.
'Recreate the magic', in the news!
The campaign has been prominently featured across various media platforms, spanning social, digital, and podcasts. Some of the featured articles are below:

Jagran India
Marketing Maverick
Marketing Mind
Journalists' posts
Media Infoline
Autoguide India
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani
Graphic design & AI design: Karthik VG, Suhas Anjan, Sreeram K

Clients: MG Motors India
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