Desi style Theka themed matchboxes

Theka Coffee

Branding for a premium, yet affordable cold coffee brand
As seen on Shark Tank India

Branding, Visual Identity, Illustration, Packaging, Photography
Year: 2022
A cold coffee brand that got featured on Shark Tank India, Theka Coffee went through an all round rebrand to reflect its cool, laidback and authentic style, a.k.a. 'Bhayankar Chilled' style.
Theka Coffee is a new generation coffee chain that serves  coffee in interesting flavours at affordable prices. The coffee is also cold-brewed, making it high in caffeine and low on acidity.
Theka coffee bottles arranged together
The rebrand
The rebranding of Theka Coffee was an effort to preserve the brand's unique character and essence while updating its visual elements and messaging. The original branding had established a strong connection with customers and the rebranding process was designed to maintain that connection while updating the brand for a new generation of coffee lovers.

The team behind the rebranding took great care to understand the core elements that made Theka Coffee unique, including its approachable and authentic style, its high-quality cold-brew coffee, and its connection to the local, Desi Indian culture.

Theka Coffee's commitment to authenticity and connection to the local culture shines through, making it a standout brand in the crowded coffee market. With its fresh and funky rebranding, Theka Coffee is ready to serve up a shot of cool to coffee lovers everywhere.
theka coffee splashing from a beautiful bottle
theka coffee bottles beforetheka coffee bottles aftertheka coffee serving style beforetheka coffee serving style aftertheka coffee bottle beforetheka coffee bottle after
Fresh and ready to make a splash
Our branding journey with Theka presented three key challenges: selling the value of their coffee to drinkers in Tier 2, 3, & 4 cities, striking a balance between brand recall and a fresh visual identity, and making the brand accessible and relevant on a national scale while navigating its hyperlocal roots and global aspirations. Through strategic design processes, we conquered these challenges, introducing the allure of coffee to a wider audience, revitalising the brand's visual appeal, and ensuring its universal appeal without compromising its local charm.
Desi santra cold coffeeTheka themed popcorn boxestheka coffee kioskTheka coffee lapel pinstheka symbols and assetsPopcorn pataka cold coffeetheka coffee with branded props
Theka's Mascot
The one who walks on the wild-side, one who has laughter in his mouth in the face of adversity, the one who masters the art of not giving a damn. Gabru is the misfit that brings the magic, the brave that brings the boldness, the passionate that brings the pyaar, the courageous that makes a mark. Gabru is the one who brings madness in the world of mediocrity and toughness in the face of hard luck.
So again, shall we say Gabru, or shall we say it's you?
Gabru theka coffee's mascot
many expressions of gabrutheka's labels next to each other
The many adventures of Gabru
Theka's captivating success story revolves around its charismatic messenger who unveils the brand's exciting ventures. With each new city, Gabru immerses himself in its essence, posing in all the right spots. His presence sparks anticipation and curiosity, signaling the arrival of Theka's delightful offerings. Together, Gabru and Theka create a mesmerizing journey, leaving the nation eagerly awaiting the next chapter in their extraordinary tale.
gabru in jaisalmergabru with an iconic statuegabru in chennaigabru in udaipur
A friendship of Pyaar and Boldness
Unmissable in the fervour of all the Theka madness, is the dramatic friendship between Gabru and visionary founder Sahil Madaan. Engaging in passionate conversations about new offerings, coffee-induced insomnia, and the pursuit of entrepreneurship, their bond sets the stage for a long lasting friendship between customers and Theka Coffee.
gabru and sahilgabru and sahilgabru and sahilgabru and sahil
Instagram video credits: Theka Coffee
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Theka Coffee's new signature product
A campaign to reveal the rebrand
Theka Coffee turned up the volume with its rebranding campaign, featuring a vibrant ad video and eye-catching photos that showcased its lively and authentic Indian style. Directed by the Studio Sorted and set to a soundtrack directed by Abhishek Durani and produced by local musicians, the campaign was a hit on social media, and is used to announce Theka Coffee's arrival in any new city.

The photos and video included whimsical props like candies, matchboxes, popcorn boxes and cigarettes, all created in-house, adding an extra layer of fun and memorable elements to the campaign.
A freshly brewed menu
Theka Coffee's menu design takes inspiration from the brand's iconic bottle, at the heart of its entire branding design. The unique selling point of Theka Coffee is selling coffee in a beer bottle, breaking from traditional coffee packaging and setting a new standard. The menu design reflects this innovative and funky vibe, with bold colors and playful character.
Served in an iconic beer bucket with fumes of dry ice pouring out of it, the experience of picking up your bottle of coffee from your local Theka has never been more iconic.

new theka coffee bucket and menu Theka coffee menu
A fresh look for the website & app
Theka Coffee's website landing page showcases the brand's lively and authentic personality through its interactive user interface design. The website uses the brand's signature colors, elements, and mascot-Gabru, to create a cohesive and engaging online experience.

As the first touchpoint for many customers looking to learn more about Theka Coffee and purchase franchises, the website leverages the iconic bottle and incorporates playful elements to make it a memorable digital experience.

Visit Theka Coffee's website
Theka coffee in action
Theka Coffee's rebrand is the perfect example of a successful branding and design strategy for startups in the F&B (Food and Beverage) industry, and other allied companies in India. The brand's unique combination of premium quality, affordability, and approachable design, combined with its playful colours and relatable nomenclature, has helped it stand out in the competitive coffee market.

Theka’s rebrand has propelled them to impressive growth with 200 outlets in over 40 cities, selling over 10 lakh bottles in the last year, aided by their iconic mascot Gabru. The brand’s constant innovation,  adaptable branding and never-say-die attitude has led to frequent media coverage, with a business valued at over 120 crore, and new outlets opening weekly.
whole range of theka coffee bottlesTheka coffee cart in PuneTheka coffee being served in dry ice bucketTheka coffee lover with the cartFoodies enjoying theka coffeefriends enjoying theka coffee
Theka Coffee in the news
Theka Coffee's appearance on Shark Tank India was a game-changer. Their unique selling point of selling coffee in a beer bottle and affordable premium quality coffee impressed the sharks and mustered much needed coverage and fame. Studio Sorted rebranded their identity to reflect their fun and approachable style, incorporating signature colours, quirky mascot, and playful elements into their branding.

Theka Coffee serves as a leading example of how well done branding and visual identity can contribute immensely to the success and strategy for businesses and startups alike.
Theka in the newsTheka in the newsTheka in the newsTheka in the news
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Concept & Creative direction: Abhishek Durani, Tanmay Acharya
Graphic design & Illustration: Tanmay Acharya, Saniya Ahmed
UI and UX design: Sreeram K, Rhea Mirje
Shoot creative direction: Abhishek Durani, Anurag Baruah
Shoot art direction: Netra Ajjampur
Copywriting: Devargh Mukherjee
Design management: Netra Ajjampur
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