house of
light wells

Duplex house for a close knit family in Bangalore

A renovation project for a young couple and their baby girl, to combine 2 house floors into one duplex home unit with spaces curated for the hobbies, interests and requirements of each of its unique family members.
In an existing building snugly fit between four storey residential buildings on three sides and a busy street on the fourth, we decided to turn to the skies to give this house its fair share of natural light and ventilation.
Architects: Netra Ajjampur, Murtaza Dhilawala, Abhishek Durani, Karthik VG
Photography: Karthik VG, Sreeram K
the project
Location: Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore
Built-up area (duplex): 2000 sft
Plot size: 30' x 40'

lightwell thumbnail square
the lightwells
The compact existing 2BHK unit on the second floor of this building had a small skylight to let natural light into the living spaces of the house. Our design theme expanded on this very feature of the house, while combining the 2BHK unit with the studio unit on the terrace floor, to create a duplex house for the family.
Scroll below, to see how this skylight is being converted into a sky-lit staircase which will now be the heart of the House of Lightwells.
house of lightwells main staircasemain staircase of the house of lightwellslightwell on the staircasemother and daughter climbing the staircaseentrance to the home officestaircase material palettestaircase railing designed in wood
the living areas
The living room will now look into a spacious kitchen, the home-office and the central lightwell of the house. A single homogenous unit, the living areas will keep the close-knit family in close proximity to one another while they go about their everyday activities.
living room picture oldLiving room of the house of light wellsman and dog in the living roommain staircase of the house of lightwellschild walking past a staircasefriends enjoying with the dog
the terrace
One half of the open terrace was converted into a home office, and the other into a open air terrace garden.
The home office was designed to face the coveted tree which is home to several parakeets and other birds, which make working at the desk a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
terrace picture oldterrace picture oldterrace gardenterrace gardenlounging in the terrace gardena child's workspacefather and daughter working together on his tablefather and daughter working together in the home officechild's workspace
the temple
The balcony from the existing second floor house was converted into a home-temple, or 'Puja room'. With the fresh morning light coming from the east, the temple is the first sight the family enjoys every morning.
balcony oldbalcony picture oldliving room and home templefinishes inside the puja room-home templehome temple door made of teak wood and fluted glassentrance to the home temple Puja roompuja room from outsideHouse of light wells from the outsideglass brick wall and windows in the home temple
the kitchen
The existing kitchen was clubbed with the existing utility, and the bathroom of the old bedroom converted into the new utility. To suit the new airy and open vibe of the house, the kitchen was remodelled in a minimal black and white theme, to make the kitchen one with the rest of the house.
kitchen oldkitchen front viewkitchen view from outside
the bathroom
Adding on to the existing bathroom and using the empty ceiling to create a skylit showering experience, the new terrace bathroom is indeed now a salient feature of the House of Lightwells. Scroll ahead to witness the transformation!
bathroom oldbathroom picture oldtransformed bathroom with skylightrenovated bathroom
the bedrooms
The two bedrooms of the second floor unit were combined into one big bedroom with a walk-in closet and private balcony.
bedroom oldbedroom set upbedroom with child on the beddressing unit in bedroom
the process
Below is a set of representational sections, overlaid onto a collage of the spaces within the home, to create an understanding of the renovation taking place, and the significance of the modifications being made.
section overlay 1
section overlay 2
section overlay 3
section overlay 4
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